Will McDonald’s bring back the limited Szechuan Sauce?

Yesterday, Cartoon Network released the first episode in the long awaited return of Rick and Morty for Season 3. In the episode, Rick declared that the series arc will be based on him finding a new source of szechuan sauce. Rick stated that it would take 9 seasons, but will we really need to wait that long for the return of the greatest limited sauce in McDonald’s franchise history?

As we type, the Chinese legend is set to get the Disney live-action remake treatment and already has a director. Niki Caro, The Zookeepers Wife and North Country, will helm the film, while Crouching Tiger producer Bill Kong is joining as executive producer.

Why does any of this matter? Because a director means we are one step closer to McDonald’s remaking the szechuan sauce.

Fans of Rick and Morty are not just relying on the Disney remake to spur McDonald’s interest in re-releasing the sauce, they have even taken to petition via Change.org.

I know you are probably asking yourself right now, why would McDonald’s care about a petition signed by only 311 people? If that wasn’t enough, the original commercial from 1998 has had a staggering amount of new views since the release of the Rick and Morty episode.

Since that screen shot was taken, the view count has shot up from 109,788 to 310,174. You can add to the view count right here:

Your country is counting on you.