This year during Sundance one film in particular was causing a lot of buzz. The horror film Hereditary was scaring the pants off of audiences. Twitter began stirring with impressively reserved comments on how incredibly disturbing the film is and drawing parallels to the feeling audience members got when watching the ultimate horror film The Exorcist. 

Yesterday a trailer dropped from A24 for Hereditary and it’s clear to see why the film is generating so much speculation on potentially being the best horror film of 2018. The film follows Toni Colette’s character- Annie Graham-after the loss of her mother- the matriarch of the family as well as her daughter, Charlie played by Milly Shapiro. As the film progresses in dealing with the family’s loss it appears that things begin to unravel for the family psychologically for mysterious and disturbing reasons. The trailer for the film provides visually creepy images as well as an intensely scary string score that puts the viewer in a psychological nightmare.

It is director Ari Aster’s first feature project though the film is produced by producers of the horrifyingly disturbing film The Witch. There is no doubt that horror fans will not want to miss this premiere June 8, 2018.