Nintendo has unveiled their newest addition to the Nintendo Switch family- Nintendo Labo. Nintendo Labo is a cardboard kit that allows user to construct models that interact with the Switch in a creative combination of engineering and technology.

In the promo for Nintendo Labo, several demonstrations can be seen from a cardboard piano, a fishing rod, motorcycle, robots and the possibilities are endless. The two kits currently being rolled out for release on 4-20-2018 are the variety kit and the robot kit. The variety kit comes with the RC Car, fishing rod, house, motorcycle and piano. The robot kit comes with the backpack and headset. Both kits are currently available for pre-order at Amazon, Best Buy, and Game Stop. The variety kit will set you back $70 while the robot kit is a little higher at $80.

The Nintendo Labo is the next step in innovative gaming that encourages participation and creativity similar to Nintendo’s game Super Mario Maker that allows users to create and share their own Mario levels with other gamers. There is certainly a future where a community of Labo users are sharing their own creations.

Labo is a great tool for parents to expose their children to engineering and creativity in that the user is responsible for constructing the cardboard kit and learning how each piece fits within the design as well as the inner workings of the rudimentary mechanics inside- the robot kit contains pulls and bands to move pieces inside the backpack. Additionally the cardboard is customizable in design- encouraging the creativity of users of all ages to color, tape, paint and design the kit to ones preferences.

Labo brings a renewed spirit of creativity and discovery to gaming and looks like as much fun for the adults as it does for kids.