Rag and Bone have combined trendy and nerdy in their new collaboration with Lucasfilm for officially licensed Star Wars attire you can wear in public and maybe even to the office. The collection is set to officially debut on December 1st, but their website has a preview of the men and women’s collection as well as a few of the t-shirt designs that will be completely unveiled in December.

According to their website their approach was to take pieces they already loved from Rag and Bone and bring an influence and reductive stylings of Star Wars to the pieces. There are both men and women’s clothing from a Jedi inspired brown hoodie to a women’s wool knit sweater inspired by Leia’s Hoth uniform. One of the best pieces on preview is the black Imperial sweater with a minimalist red ranking badge on the breast- something so simplistic yet instantly Star Wars.

Rag and Bone also previewed a few sets of shoes as well as clutches in various metallics. There are two sets of high heels- a rebel and an imperial set as well as a rebel and imperial men’s sneaker in black and grey.

There is also a contest on their website to win a chance to two advance tickets to The Last Jedi at Lucasfilm in San Francisco as well as a tour of the Studios and three nights hotel stay in San Francisco and on top of that a $2,500 gift card to Rag and Bone. You can enter the contest here.