Things got out of control quickly on the new episode of Rick and Morty. The opening adventure is an artistically beautiful battle sequence void of a lot of dialogue until the end where Rick and Morty wind up in their trashy ship, screaming and crying due to the stress and panic of the mission. The best sound clip of the night comes from Morty’s horrifying loud screams of despair.

Rick and Morty decide they need a vacation but even doing nothing means doing something for Rick and Morty. in the intergalactic spa they attend, they go through a detox machine that separates their toxic versions from their healthier selves. Their toxic diabolical selves are trapped in the tank fighting and yelling with each other while their healthier selves share an awkward conversations of polite and positive reinforcement. Morty’s healthier self seems to thrive without his crushing anxiety and self-doubt. Rick on the other hand, comes to Morty for advice because he does not know how to handle the moral dilemma he’s facing.

Without his inhibitions, Morty’s mind and mouth go non stop. He begins to morph into a self-centered sociopath who picks up a girl at a bar that winds up in the toxic tank after he refuses to go with Rick inside to remorph with their toxic versions. Rick’s mind begins to regress without his toxic self and it seems evident that the toxic self is the real Rick. Rick realizes that the toxic versions are the definitions of what the individuals think is unhealthy and weak and for Rick that means all of his interpersonal attachments, narcissism, . Using this knowledge against toxic Rick, he shoots toxic Morty until Rick gives up and makes things right. The play on the idea that Rick is toxic and his relationship to Morty is toxic in an inverse way, was creative and had just the right flavor of Rick and Morty Season 1 and Season 2.

All in all, we learned some things from this episode that made it pretty fantastic to watch:

-Rick has a part of him- a dominant part of him- that cares about Morty- but mostly himself.

-Rick acknowledges that letting his toxic self be in control would be fatal because he is too destructive.

-If Morty was healthy, he would be a real douchebag and more like Rick than we previously imagined.


Rick and Morty returns with new episodes in two weeks on Adult Swim.